About Us

The OFF.HAND Story

It was all a dream, we used to read Word UP! magazine… Oh wait, that’s something else entirely.

OFF.HAND Supply is an urban streetwear company that specializes in providing high-end apparel for individuals of influence and affluence with global teams in both China and California

The OFF.HAND Supply brand was started by two brothers - Rob and Bruno Oates, both from Ventura, California. They had long been strongly associated with brands such as The North Face, adidas and Stussy as upon graduation from Loyola Marymount University both largely worked as fashion photographers within Los Angeles, CA before creating their own brand that now has more than 40 partnerships worldwide.

Oates brothers, 2017



As an urban streetwear accessory company that specializes in providing high-end apparel we often think and drive ourselves by the question of "how are we different from any other apparel company?"
We curate a selection of the finest collections money can buy so that you don't have to waste precious time and effort looking for the best products on the market.
Our team constantly tracks trends and updates our catalogues accordingly so that you'll only be supplied with merchandise meant to complete your urban fashion statement.